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What Clients Say

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Ian Pugsley. Australia

My wife and I did indeed thoroughly enjoy our trip to India.
Our hopes were absolutely fulfilled, and we accomplished everything we intended.


We were very impressed by the drivers because they showed a high level of skill and professionalism even though some of the roads in India are quite challenging for the traveller. Each of the drivers knew the geography and understood the importance of safety while at the same time giving us a good level of comfort. We were impressed by the way the drivers paid attention to our needs and were always ready to serve at all times of day.

The accomodation was excellent. Thank you for selecting such high quality hotels and resorts. There was only one place where we found the bedroom and bathroom on different levels and because we are an elderly couple we would have liked to avoid using the stairs at night. No harm done. This is only a minor point, and we still rate the accomodation for our entire trip as excellent.

The food was excellent and we enjoyed the range of choice. One of our aims for the trip was to experience "a taste of India", which, of course, includes a taste of the food. So we were able to access spicy food which is quite new for us. And at the same time we always had the international alternative in case we were not feeling so adventurous.

We both kept in good health throughout our trip. The amount of high quality water was ample for our needs, since at this time of the year we didn't experience any really hot conditions. This was important for us because our greatest fears for our first experience of India were food and health.

The range of tourist sites matched our expectations quite well, and we were pleased with the way we were guided. We were not used to the very large crowds but we enjoyed the experiences. Security was handled very well throughout our entire trip and there was no point where we were worried about security. We were glad that the Taj Mahal was included in our trip and we thought it was most impressive even though it was a very rainy day.

We want to thank you and your company for your attention to detail and for the way you have ensured our trip was successful. We were delighted with the services you provided. You may share our comments with prospective guests.